Jeffery Thompson

Jeffrey Thompson

Visual Designer

Jeffrey Thompson is a Visual Designer, adjudicator and instructor for the marching arts activity. His love for music and the marching arts began at a young age when he and his father would travel far and wide attending several Drum Corps shows each summer. The impact of sound and artistry shown at these shows would go on to be the driving force of the love for music that is apparent with him to this day.
Developing and furthering Jeffrey’s love for the arts took place at Paul Laurence Dunbar Highschool. During his senior year (as drum major), the program won the state championship for the first time in history. Jeffrey began his teaching career after graduating with his Alma-Mater helping them attain 3 more championships before deciding to move on to making a career in visual design.

As a student of Visual Design, Jeffrey has spent years learning from and working with mentor, Leon May (Boston Crusaders). Jeffrey’s designs have appeared in several BOA regional finals, won numerous state championships, won BOA regionals as well as runners-up at BOA regionals. Within the indoor realm, Jeffrey’s designs have medaled in several different classes across the different platforms and circuits.
Outside of the marching realm, Jeffrey holds a bachelors degree in Business Mgt. from Eastern Ky. University and a Masters of Arts in Education (LBD) from Georgetown College. In his free time, Jeffrey spends time with his two dogs or explores the local scene (and local brews) with his wife, Jessica.

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